Waste to Wealth Workshops

Call for participants

A series of Waste to Wealth (W2W) workshops will be held on 11 and 15 March in Swindon, Surrey and London, respectively. The workshops will be conducted in an interactive manner to engage with stakeholders to map out the market size and needs for resource recovery from waste technologies.

The workshops will aim is to find out the research and development needs of the sector, pain points, circular economy business models (successful as well as unsuccessful stories) of SMEs and industries, policy support needs, drivers and barriers and SWOT analysis and case studies on the W2W theme.

This includes but is not limited to: process systems engineering, environmental biotechnology and engineering, biochemical engineering, green chemistry, process intensification and integration, utility systems design, analytical sciences, measurements and characterisations, resource recovery from waste, wastewater treatment, remediation, environmental protection, supply chain management, software engineering, health and safety, systematic eco-innovative advanced integrated biorefinery design, life cycle sustainability assessment, circular economy, business models and economic analysis.

To apply for the workshop, please download and complete the following W2W workshop application form. Return your completed form to Dr Jhuma Sadhukhan. A limited number of fully funded spaces are available for speakers.

The workshops are part of the RRfW mini-project Life Cycle Sustainability and Policy Analyses of Plausible Systems for Resource Recovery from Waste and will inform the development of life cycle sustainability methods and software.

Workshop Coordinator: Dr Jhuma Sadhukhan, University of Surrey
Workshop Secretary: Dr Siddharth Gadkari, University of Surrey
Discipline: Engineering and Sciences
Dates: Venues to be confirmed shortly.