Knowledge Exchange Workshops on RRfW

How can policy and regulation support resource recovery from waste?

Understanding how change in the governance of waste and resource management can be achieved is vital to promote resource recovery and increase resource efficiency as part of the transition towards the circular economy. To address this, four one-day workshops will be hosted by RRfW to promote knowledge exchange between academia, government and industry. Each workshop will focus on a different technology area and the outcomes will be used to formulate policy recommendations for governmental bodies throughout the UK, as well as to shape our ongoing research.

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Each of workshops will give an introduction to the Resource Recovery from Waste vision and approach for the transition towards a circular economy. You will also get insight into our environmental technologies, aiming to recover valuable resources from legacy landfills, bioenergy wastes and by-products, industrial wastewater, road dust and more.

Following this, each workshop will pose the question: “How can we realise resource recovery in the UK within our policy and regulatory context?” We will ask for your knowledge and experience to carry out a policy analysis, identifying drivers and barriers for resource recovery in general and for specific technologies, and identify which actors could drive required changes in the policy and regulation landscape. Based on this research, we will formulate policy recommendations for governmental bodies throughout the UK.

Further details on the workshops are available here as a downloadable pdf. These workshops form part of the RRfW Participatory Workshops mini-project.

Workshop Dates

Date Place Technology Area
4 October 2017 Belfast Producing soil conditioners from bioenergy residues
13 October 2017 Edinburgh Copper recovery from distilleries’ waste water and mine drainage
22 February 2018 Cardiff Metal recovery from legacy landfills using passive leaching technology
27 April 2018 Leeds Vanadium recovery from steel slag landfills


Workshop spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. To find out more and register for the workshops, please email Anne Velenturf stating which workshop you are interested in.

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