Workshops to engage with stakeholders

Participatory situational analysis for the implementation of RRfW technologies and vision

This mini-project aims to promote knowledge exchange between academic, government and industry partners to encourage uptake of research outcomes and feedback for ongoing work.

Through organising five workshops across the UK, we aim to engage government and industry partners to carry out situational analyses. After a general introduction of the RRfW programme vision, mission, values and environmental technologies, we will carry out a situational analyses for the:

  1. Shared RRfW vision, and
  2. RRfW environmental technologies

In each situational analysis we strive to answer the question: “If we wanted to realise the shared vision/ environmental technology developed in RRfW, would it be possible in our policy and regulatory context?”

The results are expected to highlight governance constraints and opportunities for resource recovery from waste. Workshop reports from each event will be shared with the participants. We strive to share short videos with comments from participants on our website and social media channels. Outcomes will be prepared for professional and scientific publication.

Further details on the workshops can be found on our Knowledge Exchange Workshop page.

The results of this mini-project are presented in an open access final report; this report is also available on our publications page, which additionally provides a brief summary of the report.

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