Businesses may have more than profit on their mind when they look at circular economy

11 December 2019. By Anne Velenturf and Juliet Jopson

Current infrastructure investment is perpetuating a wasteful linear economy

29 November 2019. By Juliet Jopson

RRfW programme leaves a legacy of radical ideas and a dynamic research community

09 October 2019. By Juliet Jopson

RRfW makes the case for better data to improve circular economy governance

24 September 2019. By Anne Velenturf and Juliet Jopson

Future research and innovation spaces for resource recovery and circular economy

18 September 2019. By Juliet Jopson

New project to apply circular economy to oil and gas decommissioning

24 July 2019. By Anne Velenturf

A new perspective on circular economy for development of effective technologies, business models and policy

09 July 2019. By Juliet Jopson and Anne Velenturf

Policy change needed to support uptake of resource recovery technology

3 May 2019. By Juliet Jopson

Moving the Resources and Waste Strategy forward: a response by RRfW to inform consultations

12 April 2019. By Juliet Jopson and Anne Velenturf

Measuring net-environmental improvements: 25 Year Environment Plan consultation response

28 January 2019. By Anne Velenturf.

A strategy for valuing resources: incorporating environmental, social and economic value

15 December 2018. By Rachel Marshall.

Actions for companies to take for a circular economy

26 September 2018. By Juliet Jopson.

How to make a business case for resource recovery

4 September 2018. By Juliet Jopson.

The Resource Recovery from Waste road trip

3 July 2018. By Anne Velenturf

Urgent action needed by government departments to keep circular economy on track post-Brexit

15 June 2018. By Juliet Jopson.

Resource Recovery from Waste programme to coordinate a Research Topic in Frontiers journal

19 March 2018. By Juliet Jopson.

Low Carbon Infrastructure Decommissioning Workshop

5 March 2018. By Juliet Jopson

New EU project seeks lessons on how to manage the transformation to a Circular Economy

20 February 2018. By Juliet Jopson.

Westminster Energy, Environment and Transport forum: British infrastructure not ready for circular economy

5 February 2018. By Anne Velenturf.

How can companies promote resource recovery in the UK?

30 January 2018. By Anne Velenturf.

Is the UK’s waste infrastructure ready for a circular economy?

8 January 2018. By Juliet Jopson.

Solving the paradox of resource scarcity and waste overload

18 September 2017. By Juliet Jopson.

Circular Economy Driving International Sustainable Development Research

22 June 2017. By Anne Velenturf.

Working towards a shared vision for waste and resource management (3): Key changes and pivot points

15 February 2017. By Anne Velenturf.

Towards a shared vision for waste and resource management (2): Policy and regulatory approaches

3 February 2017. By Anne Velenturf.

Building an Industrial Strategy for a Stronger Waste and Resource Management Sector

24 January 2017. By Anne Velenturf and Phil Purnell.

Towards a shared vision for waste and resource management (1): Effective government – academic collaboration

23 January 2017. By Anne Velenturf.

Bioelectrochemical Systems for Resource Recovery from Wastewater

9 January 2017. By Edward Milner and Ana Suarez-Suarez.

Sticking Together: microbes and their role in forming sediments

6 January 2017. By Helena Gomes.

Industrial engagement – Site visit to Chivas Brothers, Speyside

3 January 2017. By Ana Suarez-Suarez.

Resource Recovery from Waste Annual Conference 2016

7 December 2016. By Anne Velenturf.

A Future for Biowaste Management?

25 November 2016. By David Tompkins.

Pilot Plant at Scunthorpe

17 November 2016. By Helena Gomes.

Removal and recovery of vanadium from steel slag leachates with exchange resins

9 November 2016. By Helena Gomes.

I have a dream! About waste.

8 November 2016. By Andrew Goddard.

Lignin-Degrading Bacteria from Soil Can Assist Gas Generation from Landfill Waste

4 November 2016. By Tim Bugg and Goran Rashid.

PhD opportunity on long-term management of bauxite residues leachates

31 October 2016. By Helena Gomes.

Dr Kok Siew Ng wins the Best Presentation Award at the Newton Al-Farabi funded Workshop: Low-Carbon Energy Future: Efficient Management of Resources and Energy, Astana, Kazakhstan

11 October 2016.

MAPeRR – Multi-parametric Assessment of Policies for Resource Recovery from Waste

11 October 2016. By Helen Baxter.

Co-creating a Shared Vision for Waste and Resource Management

6 October 2016. By Anne Velenturf.

Importance of Quality in Waste Management

30 September 2016. By Eleni Iacovidou and Anne Velenturf.

R3AW is now a CL:AIRE Research Project

30 September 2016. By Helena Gomes.

Learning and Innovating in Waste Management

23 September 2016. By Anne Velenturf and Eleni Iacovidou.

Come join us in Boston, at the American Association of Geographers’ Annual Conference

9 September 2016. By David Gibbs, Pauline Deutz and Helen Baxter.

New open access paper on V recovery

1 September 2016. By Helena Gomes.

Coffee and a Chat at Tees Valley Wildlife Trust

22 August 2016. By Helen Baxter.

How to promote radical change in the waste management landscape?

17 August 2016. By Anne Velenturf, Eleni Iacovidou and Phil Purnell.

Launching of Policy Mapping Project by a Team of RRfW Research Fellows

5 August 2016. By Kok Siew Ng.

MAPeRR – Multi-parametric Assessment of Policies for Resource Recovery from Waste

28 July 2016. By Helen Baxter.

How to build a low carbon industrial strategy

20 July 2016. By Jonathan Busch.

Researchers discovered new bio-based sustainable technology and product for circular economy future

9 July 2016. By Jhuma Sadhukhan, Kok Siew Ng and Elias Martinez-Hernandez.