RRfW community

The Resource Recovery from Waste programme would not have been possible without the extensive community of researchers and practitioners who have taken part in its delivery. Below are the people who have contributed to this effort, who together demonstrate the expertise and experience that exists in this area.

The list is ordered by alphabetically by project and then by surname. Please use the following links to jump to the start of each project: AVAnD; B3; CVORRINSPIRE; MeteoRR; R3AW; RRfW (note that the lead academic from each project is also part of the RRfW team, but is listed with their project).

Name RRfW project Organisation Expertise
Dr. Ben Herbert AVAnD Stopford Energy & Environment Development and delivery of research, consulting and training projects; green technology and environmental sector
Dr Alfonso Lag Brotons AVAnD Lancaster University Soil protection; waste management; soil-plant systems; bio-energy residues as sustainable fertilisers
Dr Rachel Marshall AVAnD Lancaster University Plant-soil interactions; soil nutrient cycling & greenhouse gas emissions; microbial activity; policy implications
Prof Kirk T Semple AVAnD, RRfW Lancaster University Soil pollution, bioenergy and the use of resulting by-products as soil amendments
Dr Marc Stutter AVAnD James Hutton Institute Integrated catchment management; biogeochemical processes; coupled nutrient cycling
Sophie Archer B3 University of Birmingham Life cycle analysis
Dr Carmen Falagan B3 University of Exeter (formerly Bangor) Extremophiles; Extreme environments e.g. acid mine drainages; bioleaching & biohydrometallurgy; bioremediation
Prof Hylke Glass B3 University of Exeter Mining and minerals engineering; selective leaching of metals from ores, metal bioaccessibility
Prof Barrie Johnson B3 University of Bangor Bioleaching; metals recovery; bioprocessing mine wastes; biosulfidogenesis; acidophiles
Prof Lynne Macaskie B3, RRfW University of Birmingham Biorecovery of metals from wastes; biorefining of such recovered materials into new catalysts.
Iryna Mikheenko B3 University of Birmingham Biotechnology; microbiology; nanoparticles; heterogeneous Catalysis; Fuel cells; hydrogenation
Dr Angela Murray B3 University of Birmingham Hydrometallurgy; metal biorecovery from wastes.
Dr Rafael Orozco B3 University of Birmingham Biofuels from biomass wastes; catalytic upconversion of biofuel precursors
Prof Andrew Brown CVORR University of Leeds Theories of value;
infrastructure economics
Dr Jonathan Busch CVORR University of Leeds Ecological economics and industrial ecology; transition to sustainable, low carbon infrastructure systems
Dr Miller Camargo-Valero CVORR University of Leeds Wastewater and sewage sludge; treatment systems; resource recovery; environmental impacts
Dr Maria Coronado Robles CVORR Euromonitor International (formerly University of Leeds) Circular economy, sustainability
Innes Deans CVORR University of Leeds
Dr John Paul Gosling CVORR University of Leeds
Dr John Hahladakis CVORR Qatar University (formerly University of Leeds) Solid waste management; remediation technologies of soils- sediments-wastewaters
Dr Stephen Hall CVORR University of Leeds
Dr Eleni Iacovidou CVORR University of Leeds waste management; resources; circular economy; metrics; functionality and quality
Dr Joel Millward-Hopkins CVORR University of Leeds
Dr Gordon Mitchell CVORR University of Leeds
Prof Alan Pearman CVORR University of Leeds
Prof Phil Purnell CVORR, RRfW University of Leeds Materials; infrastructure systems; resource recovery from waste
Prof Martin Tillotson CVORR University of Leeds Water management; sludge processing; resource recovery; water industry regulation
Dr Costas Velis CVORR University of Leeds Solid waste; circular economy; recycling; informal/ inclusive recycling;  assessment methodologies;
Prof Paul Williams CVORR University of Leeds
Dr Guy Ziv CVORR University of Leeds Ecosystem services; public goods;  land use
Oliver Zwirner CVORR University of Leeds Holistic sustainability impact assessment methodology; integrated natural & social science modelling
Dr Stefan Bon INSPIRE University of Warwick
Prof Tim Bugg INSPIRE University of Warwick Identification of lignin-degrading bacteria from municipal solid waste; release of methane from landfill
Dr Andrew Clark INSPIRE University of Warwick Green chemistry, biomaterials and waste sequestration
Dr Peter Cleall INSPIRE Cardiff University In-situ resource recovery from geological repositories
Dr Richard Crane INSPIRE University of Exeter (formerly Cardiff University) Extractive metallurgy; nanotechnology and applied geochemistry; mine site reclamation; holistic approach
Dr Michael Harbottle INSPIRE Cardiff University Resource recovery from waste; biotechnology in contaminated land remediation
Dr Jose Javier Munoz-Criollo INSPIRE Cardiff University Moisture and thermal flow process in unsaturated soils
Dr Talib Mahdi INSPIRE Cardiff University
Dr Devin Sapsford INSPIRE, R3AW, RRfW Cardiff University
Dr Margarida Sardo INSPIRE University of the West of England Science communication; co-developed workshops to assess how local residents value their mining heritage
Dr Danielle Sinnett INSPIRE University of the West of England Examining the feasibility and acceptability of resource recovery from an ecological, cultural and societal perspective.
Prof Andy Weightman INSPIRE Cardiff University Microbiomes, microbes and informatics
Prof Katie Williams INSPIRE University of the West of England
Dr Hitesh Boghani MeteoRR University of Birmingham (formerly South Wales)
Dr Henriette Christensen MeteoRR Newcastle University
Dr Beate Christgen MeteoRR Newcastle University Bioelectrochemical systems; low cost wastewater treatment systems
Dr Vicky Coker MeteoRR University of Manchester
Prof Tom Curtis MeteoRR Newcastle University Biological treatment systems;
experimental and theoretical microbial ecology; microbial fuel cells
Dr Ronald Daalmans MeteoRR Chivas Brothers Ltd Malt whisky distillation processes; environmental management
Prof Richard Dinsdale MeteoRR University of South Wales Production of energy products from wastes using microorganisms; development and life cycle analysis
Ida Fahani Md Jaye MeteoRR University of Surrey
Ray Fisher MeteoRR TATA Steel
Dr Jean-Marie Fontmorin MeteoRR Newcastle University Optimization of electricity generation from waste using BES; conversion of CO2 into liquid fuels
Dr Siddarth Gadkari MeteoRR University of Surrey Bioelectrochemical systems; gasification of waste biomass
Prof Alan Guwy MeteoRR University of South Wales Optimization of bioelectrochemical systems; recovery of energy and high value products from waste
David Hardy MeteoRR Hardy AVARR Design and commercialisation; Process Engineering; Business Growth; Process Safety; Project Management; Risk Management
Prof Ian Head MeteoRR, RRfW Newcastle University Bioelectrochemical Systems; microbial ecology of engineered biological systems
Paniz Izadi MeteoRR Newcastle University
Rob Johnson MeteoRR Quorn Foods Fermentation process improvement; strain improvement; fungal fermentation
Dr Amandeep Kaur MeteoRR University of South Wales BES technology for waste water treatment; resource recovery and sensors
Dr Richard Kimber MeteoRR University of Manchester Waste treatment and resource recovery using Bioelectrochemical Systems
Swee Su Lim MeteoRR Newcastle University
Prof Jon Lloyd MeteoRR University of Manchester Geomicrobiology; microbial metal reduction; environmental impact and biotechnological applications
Dr Clare McCann MeteoRR Newcastle University
Dr Iain Michie MeteoRR University of South Wales Microbial fuel cells
Dr Ed Milner MeteoRR Formerly Newcastle University
Dr Kok Siew Ng MeteoRR University of Oxford (formerly Surrey) Integrated biorefinery systems; decarbonised energy systems; resource recovery from waste
Emeritus Prof Giuliano Premier MeteoRR University of South Wales Renewable energy systems; biohydrogen production; bioelectrochemical systems (BES)
Dr Shahid Rasul MeteoRR Northumbria University (formerly Newcastle)
Dr Jhuma Sadhukhan MeteoRR University of Surrey Biorefinery; resource recovery from waste; techno-economic analysis, life cycle sustainability assessment
Prof Keith Scott MeteoRR Newcastle University Electrochemical environmental engineering; microbial and biological fuel cells; electrochemical synthesis
Dr Mobolaji Shemfe MeteoRR University of Surrey
Dr Ana Suarez-Suarez MeteoRR Newcastle University
Dr Alison Vipond MeteoRR Newcastle University
Hang Xiang MeteoRR Newcastle University
Dr Eileen Yu MeteoRR Newcastle University Novel bioelectronics including biosensors; enzymatic biofuel cells and microbial fuel cells
Prof Jonathan Atkins R3AW University of Hull Environmental economics
Dr Helen Baxter R3AW University of Glasgow (formerly Hull) LCA; community resilience; hazards
Dr Andy Bray R3AW University of Leeds Chemistry of terrestrial bio-geo interactions; mineral breakdown and nutrient release
Dr Ian Burke R3AW University of Leeds Environmental geochemistry; mobility and bioavailability of metals in natural and contaminated systems
Dr Pauline Deutz R3AW University of Hull Political and economic aspects of environmental issues; building, and implications of, a Circular Economy
Dr Diego Fernandez Lisbona R3AW University of Sheffield
Prof David Gibbs R3AW University of Hull Green economy; circular economy; local and regional development
Dr Helena I. Gomes R3AW University of Nottingham (formerly Hull) Sustainable remediation; treatment trains; emerging and unconventional contaminants / micropollutants
Dr Amanda Gregory R3AW University of Hull Management systems
Prof Paul Humphreys R3AW University of Huddersfield Environmental microbiology
Dr Adam Jarvis R3AW Newcastle University Mine waste and mine water pollution; treatment of metal-contaminated waters
Dr Will Mayes R3AW, RRfW University of Hull Monitoring and remediation of post-industrial water pollution; resource recovery; wetland restoration
Prof Gerald Midgley R3AW University of Hull Systems thinking; community operational research; technology foresight and resource management
Dr Phil Renforth R3AW Heriot-Watt University (formerly Cardiff) Engineering geology; applied geochemistry
Prof Michael Rogerson R3AW University of Hull Geochemistry; geobiology
Prof Doug Stewart R3AW University of Leeds Geo-environmental engineering; metal contaminated groundwater; alkaline waste sites; redox sensitive metals
Dr Philip Wheeler R3AW Open University (formerly Hull)
Juliet Jopson RRfW University of Leeds Project management; science communication
Dr Anne Velenturf RRfW University of Leeds Circular economy; industrial symbiosis; participation action research: circular business model innovation