The RRfW series of newsletters has now finished. Please click on the links below for all previous newsletters.

RRfW Newsletter September 2019

The final RRfW newsletter. Highlights include: key achievements of the programme and thanks everyone who made it possible, government use case for National Materials Datahub, response to electronic waste and circular economy inquiry, publications including the upcoming RRfW book, plus circular economy news and event dates for the diary.

RRfW Newsletter May 2019

Highlights include: policy engagement and outcomes (lots going on here), publication of end-of-programme brochure and final conference, list of recent project papers, and a summary of recent circular economy news and upcoming events.

RRfW Newsletter October 2018

Highlights include: new policy note on optimising resource recovery for the bioeconomy, new RRfW research community page, lots of new publications from RRfW and projects, and details of the forthcoming Resource Recovery from Waste final conference.

RRfW Newsletter July 2018

Highlights include: call for papers for RRfW Research Topic in Frontiers journals, new project with Defra applying CVORR to plastic packaging, Phil Purnell joins Radio 4 programme Plastic Fantastic to talk about multi-dimensional value of plastics, new policy note on industrial wastes, and lots more.

RRfW Newsletter April 2018

Highlights include: RRfW industry survey asks for views from companies and professional bodies to help develop a vision for delivering resource recovery in the UK, new blog on ‘Where is the end-of-waste?’, plus events and publications happening across the projects.

RRfW Newsletter January 2018

Highlights include: funding for new policy impact project, follow up projects for AVAnD and MeteoRR, and CRESTING, a new EU training grant on circular economy; AVAnD researchers contribute to Government report ‘From Waste to Resource Productivity’; plus publications and other news.

RRfW Newsletter August 2017

Highlights include: visit to Quorn Foods for MeteoRR Newcastle team, who also welcome a visit from Dr Hai Pham of Vietnam National University to investigate bioelectrochemical systems for removing zinc from wastewater. There is news on the RRfW annual conference and a round up of publications.

RRfW Newsletter May 2017

Highlights include: New funding as R3AW atmospheric carbon sequestration looks to slag heaps; RRfW launches ResearchGate page; dates for the forthcoming RRfW annual conference and writing retreat; and a round up of work presented at recent conferences and meetings.

RRfW Newsletter February 2017

Highlights include: video available as R3AW starts pilot for resource recovery; preliminary results from the co-creation process available online; Bioelectrochemical Systems explained; BBC podcast urban mining of precious metals; and other circular economy and project news.

RRfW Newsletter August 2016

Highlights include: Anne Velenturf and Ana Suarez-Suarez join as coordinator of RRfW and MeteoRR respective; R3AW researchers pen Conversation article on ‘Vanadium: the ‘beautiful metal’ that stores energy’; plus circular economy news and upcoming events.

RRfW Newsletter November 2016

Highlights include: updated RRfW vision, mission and values to help engage with stakeholders as part of the coproduction for a shared vision for waste and resource management; industry engagement at RWM; Dr Kok Siew Ng wins ‘Best Presentation Award’; plus a round up of other news.