Wetland near steel factory


Resource Recovery and Remediation of Alkaline Wastes

University of Hull, and Universities of Leeds, Cardiff, Newcastle and the Open University

This research brings together an interdisciplinary academic team and industrial partners to develop initiatives combining resource recovery from caustic industrial wastes, such as steel slag and bauxite processing residue, with environmental remediation and waste stabilisation. Resource recovery covers various facets, including:

  1. recovery of e-tech metals that are both crucial for modern environmental technologies and simultaneously environmental pollutants (e.g. vanadium),
  2. enhancing carbon sequestration in alkaline wastes,
  3. promoting the broader re-use of bulk by-products without environmental impacts, and
  4. improving remediation strategies at alkaline residue disposal sites.

As well as the technical aspects of the project, we have been critically assessing regulatory and governance frameworks that influence current alkaline residue management through stakeholder discussions and workshops. By integrating the technical and policy review components and working closely with key stakeholders, we hope that the various avenues for improved alkaline residue valorisation identified can be implemented in practice.

Key outputs from the project can be found on the Alkaline Remediation website. We are pleased to be able to share that our paper by Deutz et al. (2017) on resource recovery and remediation of highly alkaline residues has recently been highlighted by the EC Science for Environment news alert for July 2018.