Parys Moutain

Resource recovery from Parys Mountain – past, present and future: communicating the multifaceted value of mine sites

This mini project investigates a number of fundamental questions related to the recovery of resources from legacy metalliferous mine sites.

In particular, it will tackle the following issues:

  1. How can we demonstrate to policy makers that the “wider environmental and societal benefits” that are currently not considered can be used in decision-making regarding interventions at metal mine sites.
  2. How can we improve stakeholder appreciation of these wider environmental benefits? i.e. so that they can participate in dialogues with decision-makers.
  3. How can we show-case appropriate technological solutions which could be used to deliver benefits across the wider ecological and social sphere?
  4. Are there new “business models” which can be used to bring these multitude of environmental and societal benefits together to achieve (1.) and (2.)?

These questions will be addressed with specific application to the Parys Mountain mine site, which is a major legacy mine site located on Anglesey, NW Wales. In particular this project will seek to scope out the potential for a science and heritage feature on the Afon Goch Amlwch River at Parys Mountain which will showcase historic and future resource recovery techniques as a means to engage and communicate (to public and policy-makers) the science and aspirations of the RRfW programme.