Resource Recovery from Waste Annual Conference 2016

Thank you to everyone who made the conference a success through your presentations, exhibitions, posters and participation!


Resource Resource from Waste Showcase

Resource Recovery from Waste: A Brief Look in the Rear-view Mirror

Dr. Ken O’Callaghan


C-VORR: Complex Value Optimisation for Resource Recovery from Waste

Prof. Phil Purnell, University of Leeds


AVAnD: Adding Value to Ash and Digestate: Developing a Suite of Novel Land Conditioners and Plant Fertilisers from the Waste Streams of Biomass Energy Generation

Dr. Ben Herbert, Stopford Energy & Environment


B3: Beyond Biorecovery: Environmental Win-Win by Biorefining of Metallic Wastes into New Functional Materials

Prof. Lynne Macaskie, University of Birmingham


R3AW: Resource Recovery and Remediation of Alkaline Wastes

Dr. Will Mayes, University of Hull


INSPIRE: In-situ Recovery of Resources from Waste Repositories

Dr. Devin Sapsford, University of Cardiff


MeteoRR: Microbial Electrochemical Technology for Resource Recovery

Prof. Ian Head, Newcastle University


Best Practice for Policy-making and Regulating Resource Recovery from Waste

From Waste to Resource Productivity

Mike Edbury, Government Office for Science


Practice and Collaboration for Circular Economies (from Plastics to Partnerships)

John Ferguson, EcoIdeaM Ltd & former SEPA


Industrial Symbiosis: A Pillar for UK Industrial Strategy

Peter Laybourn, International Synergies Ltd


Policy collaboration and knowledge exchange for waste and resources

Dr. Ken O’Callaghan, Ablephraser & former DEFRA


Development of Industry Codes of Practice – Lessons Learned

Dr. Rob Sweeney, CL:AIRE


UN Sustainable Development Goals: Implementing Sustainable Production and Consumption Practices

Emma Ryan, Bioregional


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