Developing software for life cycle impact assessment

Life Cycle Sustainability and Policy Analyses of Plausible Systems for Resource Recovery from Waste

This mini project will combine the strengths of the sustainability analysis frameworks from CVORR and MeteoRR to build a proof of concept software demonstrator for sectors dealing with RRfW.

The software developed in MeteoRR, Global Sustainability and Engineering analysis of Resource recovery Technologies (GSERTTM) at Surrey, applies established life cycle impact assessment alongside techno-economic and policy analyses for design and decision making of bioelectrochemical systems for RRfW. As there are many choices of RRfW systems designs, a robust set of sustainability metrics need to be assimilated, that can help to differentiate between design choices and thus in decision making.

A proof of concept will be delivered for software demonstration and the demo version will be widely spread through a web based software application. It is our intention to provide evidence for policy work on RRfW in a specific country context. This way RRfW technologies can make a wider impact globally.


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