The following journal articles have been published by the RRfW programme. For details of our other publications, including posters, presentations and project publications, please visit our ResearchGate page.

Resource Recovery from Waste: Restoring the Balance between Resource Scarcity and Waste Overload

Anne Velenturf and Phil Purnell, Sustainability 2017, 9(9), 1603; doi:10.3390/su9091603 Open Access.

This article aims to explain the rationale for initiating the RRfW programme, outlining the need for a Circular Economy that contributes to a resilient environment and human well-being. It discusses waste and resource management in relationship to ecosystem stewardship, environmental and social boundaries, and economic models. It proposes that a participation approach is needed to engage the multiple stakeholders required for transformative changes, and concludes with the participatory strategy adopted by RRfW to illustrate how academia can play a leading role in the transition towards a Circular Economy.